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The numerous dominations (Greek, Latin, Arab, Norman, Angevin, Spanish, Bourbon) have shaped Sicily, heart of the Mediterranean Sea, into a land of diversity, cultural mixture, forms of art, languages, culinary traditions, myths and contraddictions. The land offers, other than a magnificent sun and an amazing seaside, beautiful mountain locations to be discovered, like: Nebrodi, Madonie, Peloritan mountains, Erei, Sicani, Iblei and Etna, the highest active vulcano of Europe, destination for philosophers and intellectuals, sports people, skiers, mountaineers, hikers, riders and cyclists. The Sicilian coasts change in formation every 50 chilometres, giving life to amazing and dreamy views. There are many good facilities that you can use, but you could also manage to discover pure and wild locations, where time seems to have stopped centuries ago. Many are the seaside locations and the beautiful attractions!

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